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Resident Library Card

A resident library card is available to anyone living within the city limits of Edwardsville upon submitting proof of current address and with accompanying photo identification card. A resident card is good for three years and is renewable as long as you live in the city limits.

You may present your valid driver's license (or valid state ID with photo) with your current address. If your valid driver's license (or valid state ID with photo) does not have your current address, we will require a second valid official item from the following list that shows current Edwardsville address: recent utility bill, voters registration, passport, or other approved official documents stating current address.

Non-Resident Library Card

A property owner card is available to an owner of property within the city limits of Edwardsville. Non-resident property owners must submit a current tax bill for the city parcel which they own, along with a current photo identification card. A property owner card is issued for one year and is renewable with the submission of the current tax bill for the city property.

A non-resident card is a fee-based card which is figured on a percentage of property tax or rental fee paid for residential property. The current property tax bill must be submitted at the time of application. Non-resident cards are valid for one year, and the related fee will be re-calculated annually based on that year’s rate.

Click here for more information on Non-Resident cards.

Internet & Computer Access

The Edwardsville Public Library has two computer labs open to the general public, and free unsecured wi-fi.

  • The Adult computer lab is on the main floor and available for patrons 18 years and older. We require a current photo ID and first and last name to use computers.

  • The Youth compuer lab on the lower level is available to patrons 17 years and younger.

Black & white and color printers are available in the labs at 10 cents/sheet for B&W, and 25 cents/sheet for color. Scanners are available in both labs. Wireless printing is available via the PrinterOn service.

The computer labs close 15 minutes prior to library closing times.

We offer Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher & Access

Library Laptops are also available to library card holders.

Copy & Fax


We charge .10 cents per page for black and white copies. Color copies are .25 cents per page.


We charge $1.00 per page to send or receive a fax, with a cap of a $5.00 charge per transaction.

There is no charge for sending a fax to a toll-free number.

Computer Classes

We offer computer classes for everyone, from beginners who've never held a mouse, to intermediate users looking to build on their skills.  Some classes are "hands-on" --> each user gets a laptop to work with.  Others are taught as demonstrations only, which allow for greater class sizes.

These classes are open to the public, but registration is required. Seasonal class listings and registration dates are always posted in our mailed newsletters. Or, call the library for more information at 618-692-7556.

Our reference staff is also available for one-on-one scheduled lessons.

Did you miss a class?

You can download handouts for some of our classes. If you have any questions about the handouts, don't hesitate to contact us:

If you have an Edwardsville Library card, you can also access computer software tutorials at: Testing & Education Center(you will be asked to create a free account, not related to your library account, to use these databases).

Request a Room

Let's meet at the Library

Edwardsville Public Library Meeting Room Policy

The library provides the use of its meeting room facilities as an additional service to groups/organizations under conditions established by the Board of Trustees. The library has two meeting rooms; one, the public meeting room (capacity 80), and two, the Conference Room (capacity 12). The following conditions and regulations for meeting room use apply equally to both of these rooms.

The meeting rooms are available for use by all groups/organizations, except for-profit organizations. A for-profit organization is one whose primary purpose is the sale of property or services for monetary gain. The meeting rooms are not available for use by individuals.

Priority for use of the meeting rooms will be given in the following order:

  1. The Edwardsville Public Library sponsored meetings or programs, including meetings of the Board of Trustees.

  2. Meetings of the Friends of the Library and other library related groups.

  3. Meetings or programs of all other groups/organizations based within the library service area.

  4. Meetings or programs of all other non-service area groups/organizations.

A group/organization will be considered to be within the library service area if 50% or more of its regular membership are residents of the City of Edwardsville.

The meeting rooms may not be used by any group/organization for the following types of functions:

  1. Commercial ventures. A commercial venture is defined as an activity whose purpose is to promote or cause the sale of property or services for monetary gain or to raise funds (except fund raising for the library).

  2. Purely social events.

  3. Any other activity which would materially and substantially interfere with the proper functions of the library, such as excessive noise, a significant safety hazard or a significant security risk.

Please read the Meeting Room Rules. These provide additional guidelines for use of the meeting rooms.

Obtaining permission to use one of the meeting rooms requires submission of a Meeting Room Application to Adult Services. These applications may be obtained from the library or this web site (see links below). Applications must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the meeting date requested. The adult services department will endeavor to communicate a decision to the applicant within 5 working days. Application may only be made for meeting dates in the current month or following month. In ascertaining whether a group/organization is locally based, the librarian may request a list of the names and addresses of the regular membership of the group/organization. If the group/organization fails to provide such a list upon request, it will automatically be considered non-locally based and denied usage.

A group/organization which has been denied permission to use the meeting rooms by the Adult Services department may appeal such denial to the Library's Board of Trustees at the Boards' next regularly scheduled meeting. However, written notice of said appeal and all written documentation supporting the appeal are to be delivered to the Adult Services department at least five business days before such Board meeting. At this Board meeting the applicant may be granted up to five minutes for a presentation that would support reversal of the Adult Services department's denial. The Board of Trustees will deliberate on the appeal in open session and will attempt to complete its findings of fact and to reach a decision at that meeting, unless additional information is deemed necessary.

A library staff member will check the meeting room before and after each scheduled use, and the Adult Services librarian will notify in writing the person who applied to use the room of any violations of the meeting room regulations. The Adult Services department will also notify the Board of Trustees which may consider suspending the privilege of using the meeting room by that group/organization. The Board of Trustees, after giving proper notification and due process to that group/organization, may suspend the group/organization's meeting room privileges.

The Board of Trustees of the Edwardsville Public Library will review the Meeting Room Policy and regulations periodically and reserves the right to amend them at any time.

To request use of the meeting room:

Print and fill out the necessary application and submit it to the Adult Services department in person, or by fax (618.692.9566), or email complete details as indicated by form to

Homebound Delivery

Homebound Delivery available to anyone living within the city limits of Edwardsville with a valid Edwardsville Library Card who is unable to physically get to the library due to a disability, illness, or is recovering from an injury. All library materials are available for this service. Register today and we'll contact you with more information.

Two ways to register:

  • Mail or fax our registration form.

  • Call our Homebound Coordinator at the library: 692-7556 ext. 6.

Donations & Memorials

Requests for book memorials are honored. A book plate is placed in the front of every dedicated item.

For more information, or to donate a book for a memorial or dedication, please contact the library.

Payment for book memorials, dedications, and donations can be made online through the Illinois Funds E-pay program.

Test Proctoring

The Edwardsville Public Library offers test-proctoring services to the public by appointment only (must show picture ID at time of test).

Please contact the Library's Reference Department at:

or call 618-692-7556 to schedule an appointment with a Reference Librarian for this service.

The Reference Librarians may designate another staff member to proctor if needed. We will proctor written or online exams, although online exams should not be longer than 2 hours to conform to the Libary's policy of two hours of computer time per person per day. Students must make all arrangements with their schools or licensing bodies. FYI, Library staff do not grade tests. Completed exams will be sent back to the designated institution when they are picked up by the mail carrier at the time of the Library's next mail delivery. The Library is not responsible for tests which are not received on time.

Notary Services

The library offers notary services at no cost. Bring a photo ID with you, and please do not sign the documents until you present your identification to the notary.

Call the library to confirm that a public notary is on hand before your visit.