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  • Travels in Africa
    Thursday, January 28 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM
    Dallas Browne has traveled to several African countries for decades. He will share photos of his travels and will relay his experiences with various cultures and countries spanning his 30 years of travels in Africa. From Morocco to Tanzania to South Africa—Dallas has seen these countries change and develop over time. Take in the rich culture of Africa! No registration is required.

  • 12th Annual EPL Photo Contest Winners
    1st Place: Roger Seals
    2nd Place: James Smith
    3rd Place: Roberta Goeckner

    1st Place: Jennifer Mishra
    2nd Place: Robert Erxleben
    3rd Place: Marvin Fitzpatrick

    1st Place: Sara Skelly
    2nd Place: Rex Pierce
    3rd Place: Larry Lawhead

    1st Place: Jack McCarty
    2nd Place: Mike Cruz
    3rd Place: Elodie Belley

    1st Place: Josh Walker
    2nd Place: Craven Mackie
    3rd Place: Larry Bloemker

    Still Life/Abstract
    1st Place: Joseph Foley
    2nd Place: Alice Langston
    3rd Place: Robin Anderson

    Patron Picks
    James Smith
    Bonnie Lee Noeninger

    Some of the winning images have been made available on our Flickr album.

  • ComicsPlus Library Edition
    ComicsPlus for Kids is a collection aimed at children only: Kids(5+) and Middle Grades(9+). This collection features nearly 4,000 issues catered to younger audiences!

    ComicsPlus Library Edition brings unlimited access to thousands of digital graphic novels and comics to library patrons on any web-connected device. Set up an account with your Edwardsville Public Library card and start reading comics today....right now, even!

  • With Illinois Funds E-pay, you can now pay your library overdue fees online. You will need to log into your account through the library's online catalog. To get there, click "My Account" at the top left corner of the page. Click here for instructions.

  • Telescope Lending
    Telescopes are now available to borrow with your Edwardsville Public Library card. See the moon and the stars in your own back yard! These telescopes are easy to transport and easy to use--and there's a guidebook included to help you find objects in the night sky. Reserve one now on our online catalog. Must be an adult (18+) Edwardsville Public Library cardholder to check one out. 

  • Photo Contest
    Our 12th Annual Photo Contest will get underway on Monday, October 5. We will be accepting and displaying photos throughout October, and judging will be in early November. This is a wonderful opportunity to display a photo you have taken; if you are not a photographer, stop by and enjoy the amazing photos on display. Click here for full contest rules.

  • Rosetta Stone Language Learning
    Your Edwardsville Public Library card now gives you access to Rosetta Stone. Started learning a foreign language today! Follow this link to create a profile and get started. If you are using a PC, a microphone or headset is necessary to access all features. Smartphone and tablet users, please see these instructions

  • Wireless Printing Now Available
    At the top left of the library's website, you'll see a link for 'Wireless Printing.' Follow that link to send a print job to our black & white or color printer from your computer. If you're on a tablet or smart device, download the PrinterOn app from your device's app store. The cost is 10 cents per page for black & white prints and 25 cents for each color page. Our machine accepts coins and one-dollar bills. Your print job will remain on the print queue until the library closes on the day you send it.

  • 3M Cloud now has audiobooks! We have also added new titles to our audiobook collection on the OneClick Digital service. You can find links to each service on our eLibrary page.

  • Edwardsville Speaks is an oral history project co-sponsored by the Library and the Madison County Historical Museum & Archival Library. We are honored to present the stories and recollections of long-time Edwardsville residents. You can find our recorded interviews on SoundCloud.

  • Try 3M Cloud Library, our newest eBook service. The 3M Cloud Library automatically syncs to all your devices that have the 3M Cloud Library App downloaded to them. You can start reading on your iPad and continue later while waiting some where and reading from your phone - right where you've left off.