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  • The final installment of the Teen Money Smart Series is on Wednesday, December 17th at 7:00 PM. The program is intended for youths in Grades 6 through 12. The theme is "Pay Yourself First: Saving Basics." Registration is Required, so please call the Edwardsville Public Library's youth department at (618)692-7556.

  • 3M Cloud now has audiobooks! We have also added new titles to our audiobook collection on the OneClick Digital service. You can find links to each service on our eLibrary page.

  • Thank you to everyone that participated in our 11th Annual Photo Contest. And thank you to everyone that voted in the Patron Picks. You can view winning photos on our Flickr page. We are seeking permission from all winners to post their photos to Flickr.

    Now for the 2014 Photo Contest Winners:

    1st Meghan Glaspell
    2nd Beki Walkup
    3rd Jack Butler

    1st Jennifer Mishra
    2nd J. Patrick Foley
    3rd Gayle Erxleben

    1st Rex Pierce
    2nd Donita Morris
    3rd Stephen Taylor

    1st Paula Gallagher
    2nd Jack McCarty
    3rd Mike Cruz

    1st Harry Orr
    2nd William Snyder
    3rd Dan Sullivan

    1st Richard Sharrard
    2nd Robert Erxleben
    3rd Barb Ferrari

    Robert Erxleben
    Valerie Barber

  • With Illinois Funds E-pay, you can now pay your library overdue fees online. You will need to log into your account through the library's online catalog. To get there, click "My Account" at the top left corner of the page. Click here for instructions.

  • Edwardsville Speaks is an oral history project co-sponsored by the Library and the Madison County Historical Museum & Archival Library. We are honored to present the stories and recollections of long-time Edwardsville residents. You can find our recorded interviews on SoundCloud.

  • Try our new Book Club in a Box! All current boxes share the theme "Books to Movies." Each box contains 6 copies of a book and a DVD of the book's film adaptation. Only Edwardsville Library Adult Cardholders are able to check out a Book Club in a Box.

  • Try 3M Cloud Library, our newest eBook service. The 3M Cloud Library automatically syncs to all your devices that have the 3M Cloud Library App downloaded to them. You can start reading on your iPad and continue later while waiting some where and reading from your phone - right where you've left off.